About Us

April 3rd, 2019

At Chts’s IHMCT, Lucknow, we clearly identify the student’s prime requirement of Value Based Meaningful Learning (VBML)

Conducive and creativity promoting atmosphere, Personality Development and Deserving Placement must be met.

The enthusiastic, strict as well as friendly faculty over the past 20 years at the Institute has been completely focused on imparting VBML and we are proud to have been successful at almost all ends.

Success holds greater meaning for us as the students remember us still and always with smiles and fond memories.

Low Teacher Student ratio

Frequent student counselling

Extra and co-curricular activities and competitive opportunities

Inculcating a holistic and understanding approach

All these have been the steps of ladder of growth as a professional and as an Individual.

To develop a Happy and Professionally Successful Human Being is our ultimate  Goal!