Chef’s Abode – Food Production & Bakery Lab

April 3rd, 2010




The FOOD PRODUCTION LAB or CHEF’s ABODE…popularly known as KITCHENS, is the source of many a CHEF, making a mark for themselves in the VAST HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY.

Food Production is a CORE AREA of Hotel Management and the Lab has been prepared for the Professional Training of the students with a meticulous eye for detail. This is the Place that hones and trains the budding chefs for the Industry that later on go on to become THE CHEFS!!

The TRAINING KITCHEN comprises of ALL COMMERCIAL RANGES with a balanced mix of High Pressure and Low Pressure burners along with a Wide Range of ancillary helping equipment like the Microwave, Oven, Salamander, Mixer, Grinder, Blender etc…the list being just too long!

The students joining CHTS’s IHMCT utilize this FULLY EQUIPPED training lab on a weekly basis for Practical Training of preparing Food and Beverage Products ranging from basic Regional Dishes to an extremely wide variety of National and International Dishes.

With Special emphasis on the minutest of details of the Culinary Art, the Experienced Teachers with their articulate craftsmanship and knowledge train the students with the latest techniques not compromising with the traditional essence of the products.

Workshops by Eminent Personalities and Expert chefs from the industry is a Regular feature of the Institute. Chef Competitions are held as compulsory features of education to keep a tab on the levels attained by the students during the course.

Parties are arranged and managed by the students themselves with complete support from the Institute authorities, making the students highly independent and thus better decision makers of tomorrow.