Message from the M.D.’s Desk

March 12th, 2020
Dear Friends,

There was a time when many of us “dropped” into this industry by chance. With urbanization & the surge of liberalization by the Government, the society’s attitude towards such a vocation has undergone a sea change and today many of us are here more by choice rather than just by chance. The funny part, though, is that the basic concepts of hospitality have remained the same over the years except for the technological advancements and more aggressive training needs.

Unlike many other industries, hotels are very unique and are a small world in itself. Apart from hardcore hoteliers, you will find a varied mix of professions in a hotel; Doctors, Engineers, MBAs, Fashion Designers, Architects, Event Managers, Software professionals, Defence personnels, Horticulturists, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and many others. The best part is that they all report to the General Manager, who in all probability is a Hotel Management professional, like you aspire to be!

Careers in this industry are not limited to hotels only. Industries involving Institutional Catering, Airlines, Shipping, Fast food operations, Travel Agencies and many other sectors have steadily shown a shift towards Hospitality Professionals. Today hotel professionals are also associated with world leaders like General Electric (GE), Hutch, and other service sectors. Even Banking operations, BPOs, Event Management Companies etc. involve Hospitality professionals in their customer services. Interviews at more than 20 organizations were arranged for the Batch of 2006-07.

It has been commented that a career in a hotel is a struggling one, but then which line is not ? What you have to realize is NOT whether a particular stream is good for you, but on the contrary, whether you are fit for it. Furthermore contrary to the fallacy of many, the lady employees of this industry enjoy the privilege of being well looked after in terms of work environment. Facilities like subsidized/free accommodation, hotel transport and a secure workplace, are provided by almost all hotels, besides other benefits like free/subsidized meals, medical facilities, uniform and other perks, which all the employees are entitled to. With your initiative, honesty, hard work, smart actions combined with our guidance, you can achieve your long-cherished dreams. Further study options – Being Graduates, students can pursue Masters programme, prepare for civil services etc., and Post Graduates can take up PhD or any course for which the minimum eligibility is Post Graduation. WE DO NOT TEACH YOU TO BE THE BEST; RATHER WE JUST GUIDE YOU TO BE BETTER THAN THE REST. Welcome to the Family.

A.Raj, CHE
Ex – Managing Director & CEO