Gourmet’s Delight – The Training Restaurant

April 3rd, 2010

The HUB of all activity, the 40 covers TRAINING RESTAURANT features a MOCK BAR called Lisa’s Laughing Goblet, a GUERIDON TROLLEY and an INTERNATIONAL STANDARD T T TABLE to give the Sportsman in the students a zing! The Training Restaurant is the place where the student of hospitality develops in himself, the skills required to serve guests with the FINESSE.

The Trainers teach the student, the RIGHT SERVICE METHODOLOGY that would bring about repeat business in the F&B Outlet. To make the student perfect in the service skills, the students are put on duty roasters wherein they are on Lunch Service Duty on a daily basis and this is exactly where they RE-LEARN and PRACTICE what they had learnt during the Practical classes.

Special workshops by professionals from the industry and other reputed academic institutions are regularly invited to update the students on the latest developments in the F&B Service technology to keep them abreast of the ever changing Hospitality Industry.

The Training Restaurant normally center stages for the major activities of the Institution thus keeping the place always ALIVE!!!