The Campus

April 3rd, 2010

The CHTS’s IHMCT Campus simply and proudly advocates the Student Teacher Relationship as the base of its Values. The Philosophy stands strong that a BIG HEART and A BIG SOUL is more important than a BIG BODY. The Compactness of the Institute creates a more INTERACTIVE ATMOSPHERE, which allows greater access of the STUDENT to the TEACHER who gradually becomes more of a MENTOR.

The Campus PHYSICALLY comprises of well developed Classrooms, A Warm and Comfortable Training Restaurant, A full of Flavor and Learning – Training Kitchen, A Contemporary Model Hotel Room, An Information Technology Center – popularly known as the Computer Lab, The Front Office Domain and an Exhaustive Brain of the institution – The Library. The Lockers for Girls and Boys, Staff Room for the Faculty, A Separate Tandoor Section and Store Rooms etc.

The SOUL of the Campus includes A Perfect Blend of Trained, Experienced and Talented Faculty members or more so…Mentors. A working methodology that allows the Student, Teacher and the Management to share a memorable and precious bonding of care and affection. And to mix along with it a Guidance full of values that are genuinely required by a GENTLEMAN HOTELIER!

A Dynamic Placement Division of the Campus is the heart of the Working Methodology. The Placement of students is of Utmost importance and records are proof enough to project how well the careers of students passing out from CHTS’s IHMCT have taken shape.

The pass-outs remember the CAMPUS as a place where they LEARNT, SHARED, PLAYED and LAUGHED, but more importantly as a place where their lives got a DEFINITE MOTIVE, a GREAT CAREER and A NEW IDENTITY – “THE HOSPITALITY PROFESSIONAL”.